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All Hopped Up But Nowhere To Sell

It can be a struggle to convince people to register trade marks. (See our earlier blog post for some reasons to register trade marks:!Why-Register-a-Trade-Mark-Having-a-Company-Business-or-Domain-Name-is-Not-Enough/cso9/555a63890cf23d0164a4a665.)

Here is a recent article demonstrating what can happen if you do not register a trade mark or conduct clearance searches:

The owner of the business fighting to keep the name of one of its beers said “We’re 6 months old at this point … We’re not thinking about trademarks”. This is not an uncommon stance. However, as can be seen from this example, making sure you own the brand is something that should be done from the outset, ideally prior to launch of the brand. This will help to save time, money, inconvenience and stress in the future.


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