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What we do

Loft Legal helps to identify, protect, commercialise, and defend your intellectual ideas and assets.

We provide a wide range of legal services relating to intellectual property and commercial contracts. This includes trade marks (your names, brands and logos), domain names, copyright and designs (the visual representation of your works) and patents (your ideas, formulations and processes).  Our services are available throughout New Zealand, Australia and further abroad.  We have a network of foreign agents to assist with international matters.

Do you have a new idea, product or brand?

We can help you identify your intellectual property and make sure that using that brand or commercialising that idea or product, will not infringe someone else's rights.

We'll identify what type of protection is available to you, and can then assist with filing applications to protect that idea. 

Loft Legal can also support you with strategy and documentation to commercialise ideas and products, including contracts, agreements and waivers.

Brand Clearance Searches

Brand Clearance Searches help to identify any existing trade marks that may be similar to your proposed brand, as it may affect your right to use or register that brand. Depending on your needs, we can perform New Zealand, Australia, country-specific or global searches for words and images.

Trade Mark Registration and Renewals

We provide advice on trade marks, whether your brand is suitable, prepare and file the application with the Trade Marks Office. 


A patent provides exclusive rights for you to stop someone else creating/making or selling your invention. We in collaboration with patent attorneys, can assist you with patent advice, the patent application process, or support you to defend your rights should someone else use your invention.


We can provide advice and legal support when your copyright is infringed, or draft agreements/waivers for you or someone else to use copyrighted works. We also advise on moral rights, which are underlying rights for artists.

Plant Variety Rights/Plant Breeder Rights

Plant Variety Rights and Plant Breeder Rights provide a tool for growers to commercialise a variety (or cultivar) of a plant. We can assist with the application process, or support you to defend any breaches of your exclusive rights. 

Brand, Business and Company Name Selection

We can advise on how to choose a brand or business name that will be able to be legally protected and defended.

Domain Names

We can advise on how to choose a domain name that will be able to be legally protected and defended, or how to acquire domain names that infringe your rights.

Is someone using your brand or idea?

If someone is using your valuable brand or idea without permission, or if someone is accusing you of using their brand or idea, we can help to enforce or defend your position.

Loft Legal can provide you with expert advice, prepare documentation/applications and represent and support you in disputes over IP. We offer legal representation in range of official processes, including:

  • Court Proceedings

  • Trade Marks Office Hearings

  • Copyright Tribunal

  • Advertising Standards Authority (NZ) / Advertising Standards Bureau (Australia)

Infringement Advice

  • Trade Marks

  • Copyright

  • Domain Names

  • Patents

  • Designs

  • Fair Trading Act / Australian Consumer Law Advice

  • Domain Names


We focus on resolving disputes without court interventions.  Sometimes court proceedings are necessary, but we do our best to resolve disputes commercially between the parties to save time and cost for everyone.  This can include through:

  • Mediation / Arbitration

  • Settlement Agreements


We provide advice, file applications, documentation and provide court representation when defencing or enforcing your position requires legal action.

Do you need something in writing?

We review, draft, advise on, and enforce a broad range of contracts.

Loft Legal can support you with strategy and documentation to commercialise ideas and products, including contracts, agreements and waivers.

Software & App Agreements

  • Software and Application Development and Maintenance Agreements

  • Software as a Service Agreements

  • Software Licence Agreements

  • Website Development Agreements

  • End User Licence Agreements

Business Agreements

We can draft a wide range of agreements to protect your valuable business IP.

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Services Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Manufacturing Agreements

  • Goods or Services Trading Terms

  • Collaboration Agreements

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Outsourcing Agreements

  • Franchising Agreements

  • Sponsorship Agreements

Website Terms & Privacy Policies

A privacy policy is required for every website that collects users personal information - whether this is through a third party (such as a website building platform) or directly (through a form or purchase on the website). This policy will tell users what information you collect, why you collect it and how you use it.

Website Terms of Use explain how people may use your website, restrict certain things and limit your liability.

Intellectual Property Assignments and LicencesĀ 

We can support you to commercialise and protect your IP by creating assignments and licences for your IP, including:

  • Patents

  • Trade marks

  • Copyright

  • Designs

  • Domain Names

Advertising Standards

We can review your advertising and marketing material for compliance with regulatory standards.

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